Gracias a todos por hacer posible este proyecto

SEO / BirdLife thanks the Seabird Working Group (GIAM) for the implementation of this system for monitoring the mortality of birds on the coasts (ICAOS -Inspección Coastal de Aves Orilladas) through a citizen science action. This work, started in the 1980s, will be, from the launch of this application (2018), much more comfortable for all participating volunteers. They must be thanked for their field work and contribution of observations without which it would not be possible to work on the conservation of birds.
This application has been developed within the Life IP Intemares project, the largest marine conservation project in Europe, which seeks to achieve effective management of the marine areas of the Natura 2000 Network with the active participation of the sectors involved and with research as tools. basic for decision making.

MITECO coordinates the project through the Biodiversity Foundation, and acts as a partner through the General Directorate for Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea. The Spanish Institute of Oceanography, the Spanish Fisheries Confederation, SEO / BirdLife and WWF also participate as partners. -Spain. It has the financial contribution of the LIFE Program of the European Union, as well as the European Social Fund and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, among other sources of funding.

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